SEO with AI for Websites

With my service you will have everything you need for SEO. I will take care of your strategy, find the links, index your links, show you how to optimize your content and code, monitor and predict your traffic, watch your site for errors and more.

  • SEO AI Extract Strategy

  • Google is investing hundreds of millions of dollars in RankBrain and in the latest technology of Artificial Intelligence and Automatic Learning to grow its business. Now you can too (for much less).
  • Win quickly

  • I will find the easiest links to build and recommend changes to the code and content that will improve your ratings more quickly.
  • SEO - Peace of mind

  • Among penguins, pandas and hummingbirds, SEO can feel like a maze of anxiety and information overload.
  • Adapt to algorithm changes

  • As Google changes its algorithm, so should your approach. With me your SEO strategy will be updated automatically.
  • Higher rank of truth

  • It's not a magic pill, but it's pretty good. The search results are ordered by an algorithm, basically a mathematical equation. I will adjust certain variables in that equation, your ranking goes up.
  • Tackling those KPIS

  • You judge your results, and so do we. We will focus your SEO campaign on what matters most: optimizations, higher rankings and getting more traffic.
  • Making SEO fun again

  • Imagine that you go online every day and know exactly what to do to increase traffic as quickly as possible. That's life with Artificial Intelligence.
  • The traffic you can feel

  • Imagine the orders coming in, hear the phone ringing, see those KPIs going off and your numbers going up and up. That's what life is like when the traffic goes up.
  • SEO campaign in a box

  • I will plan your SEO strategy, find backlinks, get code and content optimizations and follow your rankings and traffic progress.

The truth about SEO is...


You need BackLinks


Yes, we will say it. Backlinks are and always have been the most important ranking factor in Google's algorithm.